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Friday, September 7, 2007


what is asthma ?

-difficult to breathe in longer time.
-during blow ,there is sound of breathing.
-difficult to talk ,felt stressful and worried.
-bruise skin colour

how to treat?

Make the victim to calm down and give confidence to him/her
help victim to rest and get adequate air
if victim have medicine, find her/him medicine.
if severe , obtain the doctor services. Dial 994 to obtain the ambulance.
check and record the pulse rate and breathing for each 10 minute

ABC recovery breathing

AIRWAY- look upwards victim head injury back and adopt his chin to open air duct. this position will raise the victim tongue from rearward throat so not stop The airway .


CIRCULATION- if cardiac arrest,make chest compression to force all blood go through the heart and going to the whole parts of body.combined it with route of artificial respiration

Thursday, September 6, 2007

ABC techniques how to fix the respiration well

we must check the ;

Saturday, August 11, 2007


If you were with someone who had a heart attack or almost drowned, would you know what to do? If you know how to perform cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR), you could save a life. CPR is an emergency procedure for a person whose heart has stopped or is no longer breathing. It consists of

Rescue breathing, to get oxygen to the lungs
Chest compressions, to keep blood circulating
When blood flow or breathing stops, seconds count. Permanent brain damage or death can happen quickly. CPR can maintain circulation and breathing until emergency medical help arrives. You should not try CPR unless you have had training - if it is done incorrectly, it could harm someone. To keep your skills up, you should repeat the training every two years.

Saturday, July 28, 2007

Maybank Account Holder ... Please Read...

Maybank Account Holder ... Please Read...

> > > > > > > Whoever has the Maybank account number with ATM card, please be careful when withdrawing money through ATM machine,
> > > > > > > 1. For the first time when you enter the right pin number, a message "invalid pin number" pops up.
> > > > > > > 2. Then, when you enter your pin number for the second time, a message "invalid pin number, please call this number "xxx-xxxx" pops up
.> > > > > > > 3. If you call this number, you will lose all your money.

> > > > > > > NOTE : if you encounter the above matter, please DO NOT call the number. One of my friends just lost RM 700.00 on last Sunday and Maybank checked his
> > > > > > > last transaction was on that day itself even though he did not withdraw any money. Please forward this to your friends.

> > > > > > >> > > > > > > Best Regards,
> > > > > > > Normah Zakaria
> > > > > > > Credit Risk Management
> > > > > > > Level 29, East Wing
> > > > > > > Menara Maybank
> > > > > > > Tel : 03-20708833
> > > > > > >

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

pic from Mediniche.com


- retak adalah terdapatnya sebarang serpihan atau garisan pembukaan pada tulang

antara contoh retak dan management adalah..

Fracture Collar bone

control bleeding and cover all wounds
check fo=r fractures - open, closed or complicated
ask the casualty not to move the injured part
immobilize fractures with slings, bandages or splints to prevent movement at the joints above and below the fracture
watch for signs of loss of circulation to the foot or hand
move the casualty only if there is danger to you or the casualty
handle gently
observe casualty carefully and manage shock if necessary
seek medical aid.

Fracture Upper Arm
Sympton and signs

pain, made worse by movement of the shoulder
history of a fall onto the outstretched arm or elbow
the casualty may support the arm at the elbow and incline the head towards the injured side
the shoulder appears to be lower than the uninjured side
tenderness and swelling around the collarbone

follow the general rules for fracture management
support the arm on the injured side .
seek medical aid.

Fractured upper arm
Symptons and signs

loss of function
the casualty may support the injured arm below the fracture.

follow the general rules for fracture management

If the injury is closed to, or involves the elbow:
lay the casualty down, supporting the injured area
check the pulse at the wrist and the colour of the hand and finger
gently place the injured limb on supporting material by the side of the body. Do not bend the elbow
immobilize the arm firmly to the body with broad bandages
tie bandages in front on the uninjured side
check the pulse
seek medical aid.

If the injury is not close to the elbow:
apply a collar and cuff sling
do not support under the elbow. Allow the elbow to hang freely
place soft padding between the elbow area and the chest
immobilize the arm with two broad bandages (or narrow ones for a small person): - one above the fracture, over the arm and surround the chest . - the other below the fracture
tie off the bandages in front on the uninjured side
check the pulse
seek medical aid.

other information can get the label